In-Character Questions ((Please answer this section AS YOUR CHARACTER.))

What is your name?:

Zul'zhan Zenaki

What is your fighting style? What professions do you practice? What hobbies do you do?:

I am a healer first and foremost. While throughout my life, I have fulfilled many roles for my people and their allies, as of five years ago I began studying druidism. In my spare time, I am a herbalist and an inscriptionist.

How experienced are you with fighting or professions? Very experienced, moderately, not very experienced at all?:

I am very experienced in my field, as much so as any of my fellows. ((Max level))

Do you have a previous Tribe, Clan, Affiliation, House or Guild? If so, why did you decide to leave? We will contact them to ensure your truthfulness.:

I have not been recently affiliated with any formal grouping.

Why do you wish to join the Burning Tusk Tribe? Are you willing to help us prosper?:

As my line of work is often isolating, I seek social camaraderie as well as others who share my passion in protecting our lands from corruption and war.

Have you read and do you understand the Tribal Rules?:

I have, and I do.

Can you take orders? Do you understand the chain of command? Are you respectful of other's authority?:

Yes, without question.

How did you hear about, and what made you interested in joining, the Burning Tusk Tribe?:

I had heard of the tribe many times before in passing, however I decided now was an appropriate time to reach out to serve.

Describe yourself, in regards to things like appearance, interests, pasttimes or personality.:

I'm very work-oriented, and have been told I am at times excessively formal and serious. In my rare time off, I enjoy gardening, caring for Silvermoon's stray cat population, and catching up on sleep.


What is your toon's name as it appears in-game without any RP addons, or on the armory?:


What experience have you had with Role Playing, in WoW or outside of WoW? Are you familiar with WoW lore or will you require guidance?:

I have RPed in WoW full time throughout WotLK and Cata, and part-time through WoD. Combined, this amounts to approximately 5 years of ingame RP experience, in addition to RP experience in other MMOs and in D&D.

What RP addons, if any, do you use (ie. ImmersionRP, MyRolePlay, FlagRSP, etc.)?:

MRP primarily. I have Tongues installed for compatibility reasons, but don't use it myself.

Game Questions

How many hours per week will you play this character?:

Currently my schedule is post-9pm PST (11pm CST) Tues-Fri, and open/flexible scheduling Sat-Sun.

Is this an alt or a main character? What are your other characters? Are they guilded? If so, what guild(s)?:

Carazhan is my main character. I have many alts, none of which are currently guilded.

What are your future goals and plans for the game? What are you most looking forward to?:

My main goals are to get back into roleplaying in a guild setting, getting my alts to level cap in preparation for BfA, and ideally normal-heroic level raiding.

What is your WoW experience? How long have you played? Are you interested primarily in roleplaying, PvE/raiding, or PvP?:

I played from the end of TBC to the end of Cata, played during WoD, and resubbed about a month ago. During WotLK I raided Ulduar and ICC as Balance/Resto, and occasional Feral Offtank. During Cata, I raided normal Dragon Soul as Offtank/Feral dps, and all other normal level raids as Balance/Resto. I have an even interest in RP and PvE, however getting into raid-content PvE is a lot more difficult guildless than securing RP is. I'm also interested in PvP, though I still have a lot to learn in that field.

Is this your first realm/server?:

No, I started in TBC on Azuremyst (Alliance), played the entirety of WotLK on Wyrmrest Accord (Alliance) as well as the first half of Cata, before moving over to Argent Dawn and Moon Guard (Horde). Since then, I've been on MG primarily.

How did you. the player, hear about the guild?:

I've seen guild members around and seen ingame adverts, but only recently decided to apply.

What are you looking for in a guild?:

I'm looking for a friendly, open community to get back into WoW with!

About You

Tell us about yourself (including things like personality, career etc. - whatever you're comfortable with that helps us get an idea of who you are)!:

My name is Kalen, I'm a veterinarian assistant and a lapsed university student currently in a time of transition in my personal life. I'm more busy than I'd like to be as a result, but that's all the more reason for me to actually enjoy my ingame time.

What are some of your past times and interests?:

I'm a novice artist, writer, and D&D player. Alongside WoW I also play a fair bit of League of Legends, and occasionally Heroes of the Storm. I'm also an animal enthusiast!

What is your age?:


Final Thoughts

Anything you want to add?:

I use they/them pronouns. I don't drastically mind assumptions otherwise, but that is how I prefer to be addressed.

What's a good (server) time for your in-game interview?:

Saturday or Sunday any time is just fine, a specific time can be agreed upon either through the messaging system here or ingame mail.

Do you have any conflicts of interest that our officers (Solaith, Kruega, Thrahg, Umbra and Noshtar) or the rest of the guild should be aware of?: