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Thread: Where everybody at!?

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    Where everybody at!?

    My beloved semester is over. I'm thinking two B's and two C's will be my end result. It was hard, but I got through it and can now enjoy a summer off before dipping back into the grind. I know activity has been NULL and VOID on this website, but figured I'd toss something up.


    As seen above, I've been doing my semester. Aside from that, after the BTT sort of split up I headed to WrA and after a few failed guild I've joined, I started up a VERY CASUAL TROLL-ONLY guild. Its initial intent was a spot for my trolls and nobody else, but after someone forced her way into my guild by inviting herself, other folks would ask about it and join up. I haven't really ran any story with it. I did have some events planned for the guild, until the person that they were about ended up doing some really weird OOC stuff to other members and I had to kick them. A bunch of notes and story stuff.. down the drain. In the meantime, though, folks have joined and folks have left and I haven't had any real expectations put on me. So, if you have a troll alt and you need somewhere to park it while you play on other toons, but occasionally need to let your dreadlocks dangle, let me know.

    Still miss the BTT!

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    Re: Where everybody at!?

    I miss my BTT fam too!!

    Taai has been busy finishing her second year at vet school, she just finished last week, but we've been super buy with real life stuffs. I play a lot of Heroes of the Storm and a few other games, but WoW takes up too much time.

    Miss you all <3

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    Re: Where everybody at!?

    Me and Nosh along with an occasional Chartusk and I friend invited Ura to Wonderporium on WRA. Since we dont have the support for officers during the school year we both decided that it would be best to put it to rest until we found a good officer support or we got some time freed up ourselves. Wonderpoirum is a great guild, its got a ton of events, a good officer core and its very lax about logging in (active players need to log in once a week) If you guys have any questions or anything like that we are on discord.

    We all hang out over there if you want to join us! Miss and love you guys too.
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    Re: Where everybody at!?

    Oh, wow. Activity. That I'm late for.

    Amtgard (LARP) has taken over as my primary form of nerd socialization, so I'm doing a lot of that - fighting, crafting, hanging out and jabbering. I'm doing casual post-when-you-can para RP over Discord, so if you wanna chat or try RP with me, hmu t3hp0larbear#8008.

    Every now and then I consider resubbing to WoW but with how hard I crashed in January, I get anxiety. Safe to say I'm still in no condition to pick up WoW for the forseeable future.

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    Re: Where everybody at!?

    Semester has begun! I blame society for this!

    Apart from that, my game time will dwindle, but you could still find me on wyrmrest accord.

    Anyone else feel like Argus is just Broken Shore-extended?

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