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  • Welcome to the Homeland

    Long ago the forces of corruption and demonic influences gathered near the small town of Moonglade and constructed a huge temple. This was a bastion for their armies of corrupt humanoids, ogers, undead and not to mention their masters the dark trolls that served over them all. From this awful place, the residents took the elements and bent them to their will causing devastation to all that did not serve he who must not be named. The forces of the Moonglade rallied their forces against the temple of elemental madness and drove off or destroyed what evil was there.

    The temple itself was greatly damaged but still the demon within could not be banished from this land and remained imprisoned within its confines of the temple. Recently there have been humanoids in odd robes that have been seen outside of moonglade.

    Will Burning Tusk Tribe take up the task of locating and destroying the Temple of Elemental Madness for good?
    by Published on May 25, 2013 10:56:00 pm  Number of Views: 879 

    We took on our first Challenge mode and are ready for more!