• Introduction

    Welcome to the Burning Tusk Tribe! We're a guild founded during November 2006 on Blackwater Raiders (US) that moved to the Moon Guard (US) server in May 2008. We are dedicated to infusing the entirety of the game with roleplay. It is our goal to promote and do in-game roleplay through random encounters, guild and server-wide social and story events, and to bring roleplaying and storytelling to life in dungeons, raids, world PvP, battlegrounds, and wherever else a story could be made. The members of the Burning Tusk Tribe are fiercely loyal to one another with many members having been with us for years. We love each other as family and treat each other with the respect and kindness that you would expect from close friends. Disagreements can be easily resolved by reminding each other that we're friends and to not take things, like our egos, so seriously! Throughout the past ten years, we've made long lasting impacts on dozens of lives.

    Guild chat is in-character, with the officer channel serving as our out-of-character channel. We use both as a means to orchestrate in-game role play while questing, PVPing, etc. as well as a way to get to know the wonderful people we're playing with - we firmly believe that most RP is enhanced by good OOC relations, and that friends made in game can be true, long lasting friendships.

    We are of the collective mindset that we are out-of-character friends first who just happen to enjoy roleplaying with one another and making that our priority in our play time.

    Most important to us in recruiting new members is how we all mesh together as a group of friends out-of-character, so we look for other laid back, fun loving individuals who enjoy all aspects of the game as we do, and know how to joke around and not take everything so seriously. Not only are we able to provide a great place to relax, but our leadership is steady and long lasting, our membership devoted, our friendships enduring, which means you won't be left without a guild in weeks or months from now. Having lasted through two servers and over ten years, we can boldly stand by these claims.

    Our goal is to encourage roleplay on the server by RPing throughout every aspect of the game; by arranging events, running through game content while in-character, and working hard to foster a positive overall environment here, both in and out-of-character. We encourage RP to be introduced into all facets of the game including PVE and PVP, as well as random world RP. We believe in approaching RP with creativity and enthusiasm, working to create an immersive and intricate, living world. We are one of the few RP guilds to maintain that the chat channels once protected for roleplay (/say, /emote, /guild and /yell) are not to be used for OOC conversations - as a guild that strives for immersion, OOC chatter in public channels kills the immersion and hurts RP. We do not allow our members to be out of character in these chat channels under most circumstances, the exception being to notify a partner or a whole group very briefly of going AFK.

    The Burning Tusk Tribe is founded on, and has succeeded because of, our great levels of respect. Respect for our members and friends, respect for the server, respect for the opposing faction, and respect for Role Playing. New members are expected to respect the leadership and the long term members, as well as to other new members and the general server population.