• October 5 Meeting Minutes, and Election Results

      Firstly, what was forgotten to be announced at the meeting tonight was that since our Chieftain Election had ended in a tie, the Elder Council voted on what to do. We have decided that there is no Chieftain, and we will continue with just the Elder Council. The GM rank will be kicked around OOC as needed so any in-game changes can be handled swiftly.

      Second, our weekly meeting's minutes are up! Points of note include:

      • We will be officially headed to the Broken Isles IC soon. This means there is an overarching guild plot coming! Let us know if you want to contribute side-stories, or run events within it!
      • Combat Training tomorrow at 8:00 PM.
      • Storytelling with the <Stonewind Tribe> on Saturday at 6:00 PM.
      • Sweat Lodge on Monday at 7:00 PM.

      More details can be found in the minutes post over here.
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      1. August 23, 2017:
         BTT Weekly meeting
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      Re: Where everybody at!?

      Oh, wow. Activity. That I'm late for.

      Amtgard (LARP) has taken over as my primary form of nerd socialization, so I'm doing a lot of

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      Re: Where everybody at!?

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      Re: Where everybody at!?

      I miss my BTT fam too!!

      Taai has been busy finishing her second year at vet school, she just finished last week, but we've been super buy

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